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Ministry for Children

With God's blessings and your prayerful assistance, we can provide for the needs and education of the children entrusted to our care.

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Margarette and Adlay are the houseparents for the 24+ children at the orphanage sponsored by Grace Of Mercy Outreach Ministry in Lilavois, a suburb of Port-a-Prince Haiti. Their daily tasks, along with a small support staff, is to provide food, clothing and shelter for these children ranging in age from 6 months to 12 years of age. Older children help the younger ones to get up, get dressed in clothing that's primarily donated by caring people and the head off to breakfast. Lunch is the primary meal of the day and along with rice or pasta their is chicken or fish to supply the days protein. Schooling is not available to all the children because of the expense involved, but those who go are off to a local public school for a day of learning.
Children play in the protected courtyard and do Bible lessons, sing and learn songs about Jesus and share in a good life provided by the caring staff. Sundays are special days with Sunday School and worship and the joy of being together. 
Medical care is provided by volunteer physicians and a clinic is near by if there are greater needs. Dental is more problematic as again there are  expenses involved. (The children do brush with great regularity!)
Caring for children in Haiti is expensive -- by Haitian standards. Each child requires about $3.00 U.S. per day to feed. That's $120.00 per month. $3,600.00 per month for up to 40 children. The children also need clothes, school supplies, and medical care. That's a constant need that caring people can help to meet.
As you can see in the photos the children are happy and well cared for in their home which has 5 bedrooms for the 24+ children and infants. Cots, shared beds, bunk beds and cribs are all full every night as the evening ends with Bible stories, singing and prayers. The ministry is, at present, renting this facility, but would like to build on property that has been donated. (See "Hopes for the Future")
Grace of Mercy Outreach Ministry seeks to provide a loving, caring environment for children who are without parents or who might have a parent unable to care for them. God's blessings are evident in the way people in Haiti and in the U.S. respond to these urgent and ongoing needs. 
Your help is appreciated as well. Please see our 'Contact US' page for a form to seek information concerning the support of this ministry and/or to make a donation.

God Bless You and the children of Haiti. 

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